Tu Kaha Conference


WDHB haumoana workforce development coordinator Lianne Kohere with the four Whanganui rangatahi selected to attend the Tu Kaha 2014 conference all dressed up for the conference dinner.
Join us at this conference and expand your horizons!

The Tu Kaha conference is a bi-annual event with the last being held in Hawkes Bay in October 2014. Approximately 250 health professionals and 60 Year 12 and 13 rangatahi attended.

The three-day conference exceeded everyone’s expectations thanks to articulate keynote speakers who included Professor Mason Durie, Dr George Gray and Tama Iti.

Attendance at Tu Kaha is of huge value for rangatahi. It gives them exposure to health professionals in high level positions within their profession and gain useful information to assist with their future studies. Rangatahi also get a better understanding of the health inequalities for Maori and this inspires them to strive and work hard to achieve their goals!

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