Mental health and addiction


Whanganui DHB provides a range of mental health and addiction services in the community, rural areas and on the Whanganui Hospital campus.

If you or someone else is at risk of injury call 111.


For advice in emergencies, contact:


  • Whanganui Hospital on 06 348 1234
  • WDHB Mental Health Services on 06 348 1234
  • Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team on 0800 653 358 

Mental health and addiction services

We provide a range of mental health and addiction services in the community, rural areas and on the Whanganui Hospital campus.

Our services are available for people of all ages and include different aspects of the mental health and illness continuum. Most of our mental health services are for people living with severe mental illness except for our alcohol and other drug service which focuses on early and youth intervention.

Our Mental Health and Addiction Services works in conjunction with primary health, mental health and addiction non-government organisations (NGOs), Kaupapa Maori services and community agencies to ensure service users/tangata whaiora needs are met in all aspects of their lives. These needs include crisis work, housing, income, cultural, spiritual, day-to-day living support, recreational, educational and employment needs.

Our Mental health and addiction services work from a recovery approach based on promoting hope, supportive environments, self responsibility and self determination while working within the legal and best practice guidelines for professional and industry standards.

All services have a multidisciplinary team of health professionals who work together with the service user and their family to ensure they receive integrated care to help with their recovery and discharge.

Te Awhina – inpatient acute mental health service

Te Awhina is a 12-bed inpatient unit for people between the ages of 18 and 65 based on the Whanganui Hospital campus. 

Te Awhina treats people in the acute phase of their mental illness when they would typically find it hard to deal with at home.

The building itself is newly refurbished with more care options if people need to stay and more space for family/ whanau visits. It offers sensory modulation rooms and private bedrooms. 

Stanford House – extended secure rehabilitation regional forensic service

Stanford House is a 15-bed residential unit for people needing long-term rehabilitation. It is  provided by the Regional Forensic Service and all referrals are managed through Capital Coast District Health Board.


Stanford House provides rehabilitation around health, mental health, community living, day-to-day skill development, employment, recreation and education. Visits need to be arranged with the clinical nurse manager/coordinator.


Infant, child and adolescent mental health & addiction service 

Our Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) promotes mental health and well-being of infants, children, adolescents and whānau through specialised mental health service. CAMHS offers child and adolescent mental health and alcohol and other drugs assessments and treatment for those from infancy to age 18 years who are referred for having a suspected or identified, moderate to severe mental health illness.


Based on the Whanganui Hospital campus, CAMHS provides services to those who reside within the WDHB boundary. Clinics are held in the rural areas for those who do not live in Whanganui city. There are no costs for services for citizens or residents of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Community Mental Health Service (CMH)

Our Community Mental Health Service works with adults who have severe mental health issues. People who use the CMH service have assessment, planning, treatment and reviews with an allocated key worker and/or a doctor. Some service users are with the service for a short period of time (a couple of appointments), while some can stay in the service for more than two years.


Key CMH staff work alongside the service user, and their family, in their own home or at the CMH offices to educate them and support their recovery. This may include providing information on medication, illnesses, community living and options. CMH staff also liaise with any other services involved in a patient’s recovery such as the GP and /or a community agency.

CMH staff are based at the Whanganui Hospital campus, the Rangitikei, Taihape and Waimarino health centres. Referrals are made through the triage nurse at CMH, 100 Heads Road, Private Bag 3003, Whanganui 4540 – phone 06 348 1207


Mental Health Assessment and Home Treatment Service (MHAHT)

Phone 0800 653 358



Whanganui Community Living Trust

The Whanganui Community Living Trust was established in 1992 as a registered charitable trust. It was established by a group of local people from a variety of backgrounds who were drawn together by their interest in developing quality community-based support services for people with psychiatric disabilities.


We provide a 7-day per-week home-based Enhanced Mobile Service, including medication administration by clinical staff. Other services include home-based social support services. All services are available at no cost to the service user.


Location: Community House, Room 203, 60 Ridgway Street, Whanganui 4540

Phone: 06 348 0089



Alcohol and other Drug Service (AoD or addiction services)

Our Alcohol and Other Drug Service works alongside community mental health teams based at, or working from, the Whanganui Hospital campus, the Rangitikei, Taihape and Waimarino health centres.


The AoD service works across the continuum of use (of substances) from social use to dependence. As well as educating and informing clients, the service provides interventions such as medical assessments, counselling, detoxification and opioid substitution. Referral to other services is also provided. These can include funded residential programmes, self-help, support groups and community supports.

Early intervention work with youth is also provided by specially trained staff.

Referrals are made through the triage nurse at CMH, 100 Heads Road, Private Bag 3003, Whanganui 4540 – phone 06 348 1207.

Kaupapa Maori Mental Health Services

The Integrated Kaupapa Maori Mental Health and Addictions Service based within the Whanganui District Health Board Region was established in 2010. This model was developed and implemented to guide service delivery and is based on the ‘hub and spoke’ principle, whereby Te Oranganui Iwi Health Authority provide the clinical ‘hub’ for the service and the four rural Maori health providers within the region (Te Puke Karanga, Ngati Rangi Community Health, Te Kotuku Hauora and Otaihape Maori Komiti) are the ‘spokes’ and deliver the service via dedicated kaimahi within a whānau ora context. The unique relationship formed between the five Maori health providers and the Whanganui District Health Board has contributed to the success of the service delivery.


The district’s iwi health providers and Te Oranganui work together to ensure seamless access to appropriate clinical and kaiawhina support services for Maori tangata whaiora. The service is resourced by whanau ora kaimahi (non-clinical) located with each iwi health provider and clinical support and supervision from Te Oranganui. The service links to Specialist Mental Health Services provided through the hospital, community services, NGOs and primary health care providers.

Consumer Consultant and Family Advisor

The Mental Health and Addiction Service team is supported by the consumer consultant and family advisor.


WDHB Consumer Consultant

Frank Bristol – c/o Balance, Community House, Ridgway Street, Whanganui, phone 06 345 4488
The consumer consultant works with the management team and staff to ensure the service users’ perspective is part of mental health and addictions service planning, policy development and review, recruitment, and service-wide decision-making.

Family Advisor

Barbara Branford – c/o Mental Health & Wellbeing Support, 210 Wicksteed Street, Whanganui, phone 06 345 3301
The family advisor works with the management team and staff to ensure the family/whanau perspective is part of mental health and addictions service planning and changes, policy development and review, recruitment, and service wide decision making.

Regional Services

The WDHB’s Mental Health and Addictions Services are part of wider group of services known as the regional services which serve the Central Region DHBs; Capital and Coast, Wairarapa, MidCentral, Hawkes Bay and Hutt Valley DHBs.


Additional specialised services are shared among the six DHBs:

  • Rangatahi Unit – the Porirua-based inpatient unit for youth under 18
  • CREDS – Central Regional Eating Disorder Service, based at Hutt Hospital which provides education, advice and residential service
  • Personality Disorder Group – which visits Whanganui to provide advice, consultation and education to staff working with people who need specialised care plans. Based in Wellington.
  • Early intervention service – which visits Whanganui to provide advice, consultation and education on early intervention for people with a mental illness. Based in Wellington.
  • Detoxification service – based at Kenepuru Hospital and accessed through Whanganui AoD
  • Alcohol and Other Drug Services – residential programmes in Wellington, Christchurch, Napier and Otane. Accessed through Whanganui AoD.

Community Relationships and Collaboration

Our Mental Health and Addictions Services are also part of wider group of services within the Whanganui district providing mental health and addictions support services. We work closely with:


  • Pathways – home and AoD support, residential support and employment – 06 348 8198
  • Keys Living Choices - housing support – 06 348 9147
  • Hinengaro Hauora – kaupapa support through the services, home, AoD and residential support and services. Also refer to other kaupapa services in the rural areas. – 06 348 0476
  • Balance – intentional peer support, Wellness Recovery Action Plan, (WRAP), groups and activities for recovery and wellness – 06 345 4488
  • MIST – Mental Illness Survivors Team – space for consumers only run by consumers – 06 347 2994
  • Supporting Families in Mental Illness – provide advocacy, education and support for families service users with a mental illness – 06 345 3301
  • Primary Health Organisations –GPs and practice nurses in the Whanganui district who provide primary health care.


Broadview Rest Home – specialist residential care for people with mental illness - 06 344 6915

Removing Barriers

The following is a list of local Mental Health and Addiction Services, compiled by Removing Barriers.


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