Official Information Act (OIA) responses

As appropriate, Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) proactively publishes responses to Official Information Act (OIA) requests on this page after sending the response to each requestor. ​


Responses detail the information being released and explain what information, if any, has been withheld and under which grounds of the OIA. The requestor's name and address are removed from all responses published ​on this website.



Official Information Act 1982 (OIA)


Please note: Requests for health information by an individual about themselves or family/whanau members will be managed as a Privacy Act request – For general health record queries, phone 06 348 1277 or email


Office hours are Monday to Friday 8am - 4.30pm.


For mental health record queries - please phone 06 348 3485 or email



Making an OIA request for information held by the Whanganui DHB

Before making an OIA request, it may be useful to view information on the Whanganui District Health Board’s website, Whanganui District Health Board publishes useful information online on a regular basis such as:

  • Annual reports and plans
  • Media releases, key projects and initiatives.


The Ministry of Health publish a considerable amount of information on their website, so you may want to check the information you are after is not already publicly available before making a request.


If you wish to make a request for information held by the Whanganui District Health Board please send an email to


Whanganui District Health Board will make and communicate a decision on your request as soon as reasonably practicable and no later than 20 working days after it was received (unless an extension is agreed).


We may extend the maximum time limit for transferring a request or making a decision and communicating it to you, if your request is for a large quantity of information or consultation is needed to make a decision on your request. Any extension must be for a reasonable period of time in the circumstances.


If you decide to amend or clarify your request, the amended or clarified version will be considered to be a new request and the 20 working days will start from the day after this new request is received.


In order to assist Whanganui District Health Board, and ensure you receive the correct information, be as specific as you can in identifying the information you want. The information you request must be specified with 'due particularity' - meaning that Whanganui District Health Board must be able to identify the information you have asked for. Any request that lacks due particularity will not be valid. If this is the case, we may contact you to clarify your request.


If you do not receive a response to your request for official information within the statutory time limit, or you are unhappy with the response you receive, you can complain to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman’s role is to “investigate and review” the agency’s decision (or lack of decision) on your request. The Ombudsman can be contacted via their website:


Whanganui District Health Board recent responses to OIA requests

Please see the links below for Whanganui DHB OIA responses from 1 October 2018 onwards.

HDC complaints about surgical equipment Januray 2021
Number of violent incidents in Te Awhina January 2021
Beds in Te Awhina January 2021
Treatment of firearm injuries January 2021

Average remuneration paid December 2020
Intraocular lenses December 2020
Maori specific mental health services December 2020
Mental health and addiction services December 2020
Urgent care services December 2020
Alcohol related harm December 2020
Sensitive expenditure December 2020
Age of mothers November 2020
Surgery thresholds November 2020
Chemist warehouse November 2020
Foreign nationals charged November 2020
Pacific heritage December 2020
People not eligible for funding November 2020
Non resident debt November 2020
Mental health prescriptions November 2020
Bed occupancy in ICU wards November 2020
Health improvement practitioners November 2020
Cost of COVID cases November 2020
Alcohol and ED admissions November 2020
ECT machines and treatment November 2020
Applications made to MoH October 2020
Cost of locums in past 5 years October 2020
Number of GP referrals declined October 2020
Gender affirming healthcare services October 2020
Endoscopy services October 2020
Transgender health October 2020
Psychotherapists October 2020
Australian RMOs October 2020
Colonoscopy services October 2020
Hospital demand October 2020
Number of beds and negative pressure rooms September 2020
Prefabricated buildings September 2020
Cerebral palsy and pain management September 2020
Smokers and admissions by ethnicity September 2020
Smokefree policies September 2020
Domestic violence September 2020
DHB pharmacists August 2020
Number of PET CT scans August 2020
Overdue dental cases August 2020
Maori mental health August 2020
Mental health inpatients August 2020
Unredacted tobacco control plans August 2020
RMO medical year change date August 2020
Integrated facilities management + hotel services tender August 2020
Annual leave taken by SMOs August 2020
Number of days leave taken by RMOs August 2020
Breast reconstruction August 2020
COVID border control effect on workforce August 2020
Policies and procedures in place in 2015 July 2020
Health workers alleged assault August 2020
Survey on oral health assessments for cancer patients July 2020
Access to support people to hospitals July 2020
Anaesthetic technicians July 2020
Mental health inpatients August 2020
Access to support people in hospitals July 2020
Patients in psychiatric hospitals July 2020
Ethnicity of staff members July 2020
Asbestos management plans July 2020
Further information regarding abortions July 2020
Estimated hospital floor area July 2020
Number of people doing contact tracing July 2020
Impersonation of a Physician June 2020
COVID 19 Hospitalisation Costs June 2020
Paging systems used in hospital June 2020
Electroconvulsive Treatment devices June 2020
Needs assessment and service coordination May 2020
Employment of people with disabilities April 2020
Deferred cancelled appointments scans electives due to COVID19 April 2020
Sterilising equipment at DHB April 2020
Use of Avastin in DHB hospitals April 2020
Misiagnosis complaints April 2020
Ventilator stockpiles April 2020
Abortion services second and third trimesters March 2020
Gender bias in the health system March 2020
NASC manual and HCSS March 2020
Gender bias in the health system March 2020
Patients who leave mental health facilities March 2020
Reported assaults and harassment March 2020
Capital Expenditure for the Last 10 Years February 2020
Smokefree Policies February 2020
Gender Reassignment Hormone Therapy February 2020
Mental Health and Addictions Wait List February 2020
Calls to MH crisis team February 2020
Coronary artery bypass information February 2020
Cervical colposcopy February 2020
Cataracts and intera ocular lens replacement February 2020
Electroconvulsive therapy February 2020
Grommet insertions February 2020
Information on colonoscopies February 2020
Hip and knee replacements February 2020
Estimate of Hospital Floor Space February 2020
Nutrition promotion budget February 2020
Holter monitoring for atrial fibrillation February 2020
Community Pharmacy Local Services Expenditure Review February 2020
Sexual harassment complaints January 2020
Bullying and harassment and nurse staffing numbers January 2020

Presentation to ED with dental issues December 2019
Cost of Skin Cancer Treatment December 2019
Gender identity Services December 2019
Chronic pain services December 2019
Health Worker Vaccinations December 2019
Tobacco Control Plan 2018 2020 December 2019
Prostate cancer treatment December 2019
Consultancy costs November 2019
Asian mental health services November 2019
Transgender Patients Presenting to Endocrine Services November 2019
NASC waiting list for aged home support November 2019
Staff turnover November 2019
Lymphoedema services October 2019
HPV vaccine outcomes October 2019
Cost of health care to seniors October 2019
Clinical codes for breast reconstruction October 2019
Mastectomies and breast reconstruction surgeries October 2019
Debts incurred by ineligible or overseas patients October 2019
Funded family care September 2019
Colonoscopy rates for Maori September 2019
Gender affirmation surgery and birth September 2019
Risk register September 2019
Request for clinical data August 2019
Impact of technology investment August 2019
Inspections of brothels or home based sex work August 2019
Oral health for children August 2019
Payments to New Zealand Drug Foundation since 26.10.2017 August 2019
Information about flu in Whanganui August 2019
Maternity vacancies and incidents August 2019
CAMHS whanau disclosure policy August 2019
Vaccination rates for health workers August 2019
Youth health care in secondary schools August 2019
Babies born dependent on illegal drugs and related questions August 2019
Data request from union August 2019
Total funding - termination of pregnancy - July 2019
Questions about Workplace Diversity - July 2019
Various questions - complaints, adverse events and number of beds June 2019
Number of surgical mesh procedures and type of surgical mesh devices used - June 2019
Number of deaths in in-patient mental health unit in the last year - June 2019
Psychologists in inpatient mental health - June 2019
Remuneration of RMOs SMOs and employees, ancillary costs and LOR as a result of strike actions 29 April to 4 May 2019 - June 2019
Cost of paying senior doctors for cover during RDA strikes May 2019
Intersex babies having genital surgery within their first year of life - May 2019
Use of physical & mechanical restraints in Mental Health Services from 2008-2018 - May 2019
DHB Hosted Clinical Drug Trials 2017, 2018 and 2019 - May 2019
Gender Affirming Healthcare - May 2019
Non-Resident Ambulance Trips April 2019
Payments made to senior doctors' to cover junior doctors' strikes - April 2019
Query re Equipment Sterilisation Failure - April 2019
Opioid Use , abuse or overdose annually since 2015 - April 2019
Abortion details - various requests - April 2019
Career and Salary Progression Framework - April 2019
Wait Times relating to Cancer Treatment - April 2019
Salaries and Salary Reimbursements - April 2019
Weight Loss Surgery: Procedures 2010-2018 March 2019
Health Programmes and public health units for disabled Maori - March 2019
Remuneration of RMOs, SMOs and other employees for work carried out as a result of strike action - March 2019
DHB Costing and Menu Planning - March 2019
Violent Incidents in Hospitals - March 2019
Home Support Contracts - March 2019
Surgical Mesh - number of procedures performed - March 2019
Reportable Event Briefs - March 2019
Vaccinations - coverage or decline over the past four years and 2019 YTD - March 2019
Violent Incidents in Hospitals affecting DHB staff - March 2019
Patients Prescribed Antidepressants 2018 - March 2019
Education Access for Children with a Health and/or Disability Issue - February 2019
Correspondence Related To RMO Strike - February 2019
Spending On Advertising In The Past Five Years - February 2019
Injury and Death Related to Heatstroke - February 2019
Whanganui DHB Maternal Mental Health - February 2019
Waitangi Tribunal Research Report - February 2019
Types and Annual Costs of Energy Used - January 2019
Seismic reports for 2018 and Non Structural Seismic Restraints - January 2019
Payments to other DHBs 2013-2017 - January 2019
Brief Intervention Counselling (BIC) Initiatives - January 2019
PET and PET-CT Scan Capacity - January 2019
Alcohol Harm Reduction Activities - January 2019
Infestations of DHB Facilities or Properties - January 2019
Admission Related to Adverse Drug Reaction - January 2019
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder - December 2018
Special Training NZ Union Initiation - December 2018
Safe Staffing - December 2018
Unfilled vacancies full time, part time and contract positions - December 2018
Radioactive Waste and Disposal Of - December 2018
WDHB Contracts and Payments with Health Solutions - December 2018
Video Gaming Addiction - November 2018
Cost of Redundancies - November 2018
Number of Projected Unfilled RMO Positions - November 2018
Surgeons Undertaking Surgical Mesh Procedures - November 2018
Contracts and Contract Funding - November 2018
Bed Capacity and Occupancy - November 2018
Recruitment Costs and Spend - November 2018
Celebrities and Promotional Activities - October 2018
Zero suicide Aspiration Policy - October 2018
Cost and Provision of Residential and Home Based Care for Older New Zealanders - November 2018
Information on Psychologists - October 2018
ECT Treatment - October 2018
Medicines New Zealand Hospital Pharmaceuticals - October 2018
Maori providers criteria and lists of providers - October 2018
Public Hospital Cancellation Rates to Year End 30 June 2018 - October 2018
Complaints made against DHB staff - October 2018