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Immunisation is a lifelong commitment 24 April 2018
Immunisation Week (30 April - 6 May) is the perfect time for people to pause and think about how important immunisation is for their health, and for that of their whanau. It needs to be a lifelong commitment from 'cradle to the grave' says Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) chief medical officer Frank Rawlinson.
Steady As You Go classes remain a 'hit' with the older population 3 April 2018
Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) and Age Concern Wanganui will celebrate April Falls Month with a call for people aged 65-plus to enrol in Steady As You Go classes.
Whanganui DHB asks how safe is your home? 10 April 2018

To mark April Falls Month, Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) is urging Whanganui residents to ask themselves how safe their home is, given that many things we look at every day could be potential hazards that lead to a fall.

Protect your family/whanau from flu this winter 27 March 2018
Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) and the Immunisation Advisory Centre are advising people to start thinking about flu immunisations which remain the best way to protect family/whanau from influenza or the 'flu' this winter.
WDHB gratefully accepts generous cheque to fund hospital art 28 March 2018
Rotary Club of Wanganui North members have gifted a generous $3000 donation to the Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) for the purchase of locally produced art and photography.
WDHB encourages Whanganui residents to think about their end-of-life care 3 April 2018
To mark Advance Care Planning Day on Thursday 5 April, the Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) is asking Whanganui residents to think about, and talk about, their end-of-life care and what matters to them.
Number of overweight children in Whanganui DHB district has fallen 13 March 2018
The percentage of children identified as obese during their B4 School Check has steadily fallen over the past two years.
WDHB confirms beds available for Nazareth Rest Home residents 16 March 2018
Since being advised by Nazareth Rest Home and Hospital of their closure, Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) has been working closely with the provider to plan the relocation of residents to other aged care facilities.
WDHB supports new standardised tobacco packaging 5 March 2018
Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) is very supportive of the new standardised tobacco packaging due for release from 14 March 2018.
Big turnout for Whanganui District Health Board's Health Career's Day 12 March 2018
A total of 90-plus year 11 & 12 secondary school students attended Whanganui District Health Board's (WDHB) Health Career's Day on Friday 9 March 2018 - a popular event held annually to encourage young adults to consider a career in health.
WDHB to go live with new patient administration computer system 13 February 2018
Another significant piece of the regional health information computer system will soon be in place. Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) will make their transition to a new regional patient administration computer system over the coming weekend (16-19 February).
Whanganui pharmacies offer free support for smokers wanting to quit 27 February 2018
A recent change in prescribing rules has cleared the way for Whanganui district pharmacies to offer free patches, lozenges and gum to those wanting to quit smoking.
WDHB urges Whanganui district residents to fill in Census forms 2 March 2018
Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) chief executive Russell Simpson is urging Whanganui residents to complete their Census forms by midnight March 6 so the DHB and community health services don't miss out on future Government funding.
WDHB staff to take on the Aotearoa Bike Challenge 29 January 2018
Four Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) staff members are calling on their workmates to 'give cycling a go- during the February 1-28 Aotearoa Bike Challenge.
Whanganui DHB encourages residents to have flu vaccination 1 February 2018
Keep well this winter - get a flu shot now, is the catch cry from the national Immunization Advisory Centre and the Whanganui DHB where currently, doctors are the professional group with the highest number of staff vaccinated against the flu.

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