Whanganui babies benefit from government funding


26 May 2021 


Neonatal care in Whanganui has been given a boost with the arrival of two new incubators.


Whanganui District Health Board received $40,000 in funding for the incubators from the Government’s $300 million Health Infrastructure

One of the new incubators at Whanganui Hospital



“The two incubators are being well used in our busy Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) to look after our most vulnerable babies,” says Children’s Ward clinical nurse manager Marama Cameron. 


“The incubators are used for a variety of reasons, including caring for premature and/or sick newborns. 


“These babies are susceptible to irregular temperature control, respiratory illnesses and hypersensitivity to touch. The design of the incubators allows for close observation and monitoring of infants while in a warmed environment without the need to touch the baby.”


The government funding saw the replacement of two aged machines, and the DHB is in the process of replacing a third incubator with a new model.


Whanganui Hospital has six incubators in total.