Try Dry July and notice the benefits


2 July 2019


Save money, have more energy and feel healthier – just a few of the reasons to try Dry July this month.


That’s the message from Whanganui District Health Board’s alcohol and other drugs health promotion officer Chester Penaflor, who says taking one month off alcohol can have benefits for the rest of the year.


“Being alcohol free for a month is a great way to remind ourselves we don’t need a drink to have fun, relax or socialise,” Mr Penaflor says.


“It means for the rest of the year we can use our Dry July experience to reflect on our drinking behaviour, make better decisions about alcohol and avoid slipping into drinking more than we want to.”


This is the third year in a row that Mr Penaflor has taken part in Dry July and he says that each year, by the end of the month he feels more in control by using coping strategies learnt from previous years, has a sense of achievement and has saved money.


There are also other health benefits from taking a break from alcohol, with participants reporting sleeping better, having more energy, being more productive and avoiding hangovers.


During Dry July participants give up drinking alcohol for the month, and through registering on the Dry July website, can raise funds for people affected by cancer.


Since Dry July launched in Aotearoa in 2012, the campaign has inspired 29,000 Kiwis to go dry, raising $3.8 million for people affected by cancer, and funding more than 170 projects for 15 organisations across the country.


While Dry July aims to challenge social drinkers to change their habits and make healthy lifestyle changes, people are advised to drink responsibly and stick to the recommended daily guidelines for the rest of the year.


For people struggling with their alcohol use, it's important to recognise that Dry July does not represent a cure. More serious alcohol issues are best treated by a GP or health professional.


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