Together we can protect against cervical cancer


27 August 2019


A woman’s best protection against developing cervical cancer is to have regular cervical screening.


Kylee Osborne, health promotion officer at the Whanganui DHB Public Health Centre says “all women who have ever been sexually active should have regular cervical screening from the age of 20 up to 70 years. 


“Cervical screening, like all screening is not 100 per cent effective, however screening can reduce a woman’s risk of developing cervical cancer by 90 per cent.” 


In the Whanganui region, the “Smear Your Mea” campaign is being supported with free screening during the month of September, which is also Cervical Screening Awareness Month.


Every Monday in September, between 5pm and 6.30pm, the Outpatients department at Whanganui Hospital will provide free cervical screening.  No appointment needed.


Te Puke Karanga Hauora is hosting a hauora day in Hiruharama on Friday August 30th and will provide an opportunity for free screening on the day.


Ngāti Rangi Community Health Centre based in Ohakune offers free screening at their weekly clinic – call 06 385 9580 to make an appointment.  This clinic is ongoing throughout the year.


The National Cervical Screening Programme recommends that women screen every 3 years as the best way of finding and treating abnormal cell changes and preventing cervical cancer.  Women who have previously had abnormal results may need to be screened more regularly.


If you are unsure about when you last had your cervical smear, contact your family doctor or practise nurse.